This site is more or less based on my wanderings around Northeast Indiana with a camera. On it you will find, of course images, a list of places where the photos were taken, interesting facts about Indiana, and other cool stuff. Although this site displays my photos and experiences, I encourage others to submit photos and accounts of the places they have visited here in Indiana.

I have been fascinated with photography most of my life. When I was younger photography was used more to record images I would later paint draw or etch. But in the last several years I have looked at photography as more of an end in itself. I also like the fact that I am outside more now, not holed up in a room slumped over a piece of art with art supplies littered about me. Now I have the wind to my back, nature around me, everything in front of me to explore.

I have found that photography is a process, much like life. It is a balance of many elements both artistic and technical, much like life. It also gives a unique view into the world if one lets it, and can transcend us past the mundane day to day experiences that make up a large part or our lives. Photography has taught me many things. To slow down. To do things more methodically and to take more things in. It has taught me patience.

Being a nature photographer or landscape photographer in Indiana is a challenge. Here we do not have breathtaking vistas of mountains and oceans, we do not have national parks and post card views of the world. To make successful images with a camera in Indiana it takes a lot more work, but maybe that is the fun of it. Indiana does however offer many State Parks, Nature Preserves and Historical places. It is I believe full of possibilities for the amateur or professional photographer.

Jamie McCann


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